LTTO, a service to society

The University’s mission is three-fold.  As well as teaching and research, it pursues a third mission: to provide a service to society.

To this end and in order to take up the challenges encountered in the process of maximising the research results and the technology transfer, LTTO has been established, which today is a one-stop-shop  dealing with UCLouvain knowledge transfer issues.

LTTO groups together the teams of the UCLouvain Office of Research Administration (ADRE) and those of Sopartec S.A.

It is a four-stage process: financing, scouting (identifying usable results), development and commercialisation.



Which sources of funding can you call upon?

Which results can you exploit?

What knowledge transfer strategy should you move towards?

How do you protect your intellectual property?

How do you design a winning project?

How do you find out about knowledge transfer?

How to get taylor-made support throughout the technology value-increasing process ?

Want to get help with drawing up a contract?

How to get help launching a spin-off entrepreneurial project?





Are you involved in the formation of a spin-off?

What to know more about the UCL research potential?

Want to share your experience with young (junior) researchers/entrepreneurs?

Want to be a member of the entrepreneurial projects supportive committee?

Want to work alongside researchers  on an innovative project?

Want to join the leading team of a future spin-off company?

Want to identify a research team?

Want to have a look at the available technologies?