Advanced Structural Analysis


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advanced structural analysis    advanced structural analysis



  • Finite Element Analysis
  • Life-Cycle Analysis
  • Durability
  • Optimization


Technology Market

This collaboration offer is addressed to all administrations, companies, professionals dealing with:

  • Structural design
  • Life-Cycle analysis of structures
  • Management and maintenance of the infrastructures
  • Forensic engineering and of disasters engineering Our mission is to provide a specialized support in the resolution of problems connecting the theory and the practice.


The UCLouvain background

The analysis group has over 15 years of experience in the structural modelling by Finite Elements using commercial software (ABAQUS, ADINA, SAP2000) or writing “home-made” software (FORTRAN, MATLAB) to face a problem that commercial software are not able to analyse.

In the past we have worked on the followings subjects: nonlinear analysis of R.C. or steel structures, structural optimization by genetic algorithm, durability and life-cycle analysis of bridges, analysis of long span suspension bridges and high building, Monte Carlo simulations for the evaluation of the structural safety.


The UCLouvain collaboration offer

Experience, methodologies and tools of high profile for the analysis and the design of structures and infrastructures with elevated performances.

A network of international researchers ready to collaborate.


Preferred partnership


  • Collaborative projects
  • Development of software
  • Consulting



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Interested to collaborate and co-develop this technology? 

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