To foster the emergence of technologies developed in the UCL research laboratories

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 1. Protection of invention

  2. Results wich can be patented

  3. The way to Knowledge transfer


Are you a researcher ?

How can I best protect my invention? Do I need to patent my results?

Is it more appropriate to transfer the technology to an established firm?

Is a spin-off project worth considering?

These are some of the questions which the LTTO teams will help you answer during the development stage.

After having validated your invention disclosure, the teams within LTTO in charge of the development will get in touch with you to work alongside you throughout the technology transfer process.

During this stage our teams will share their expertise so as to implement, develop and enhance your technology. They will work with you with a two-fold objective: on the one hand to protect and reinforce the intellectual property linked to your technology, and on the other hand to select the best commercial opportunity to transfer your knowledge (licence agreement, setting-up of a spin-off, etc.). We shall explore with you the economic models allowing transfer of your technology from your laboratory to the market and shall propose to you a range of tools, methods and resources (market studies, “business model canvas”, approaching the network, meeting with entrepreneurs and researchers having set up their spin-off, spin-off lunches, etc.) to enable you to meet these objectives.

Our teams will also provide guidance on how to best identify and apply for the most appropriate type of funding among those offered as regards the setting-up of a new technology company (e.g. the First Spin-Off and Launch, granted respectively by the Walloon Region and the Brussels-Capital Region). In addition to this, they will assist you with soliciting financial support from the Walloon Region‘s Development Funds which you will need to cover the cost of a proof of concept enabling you to accelerate the technology transfer process.


Are you an entrepreneur ?

During the development process, the LTTO teams invites project teams to get out of their laboratory to go and meet their future clients as a way of gleaning external opinions and benefiting from useful experiences, networks and assistance throughout their project.

Our teams are thus in constant search of “business mentors” who would be prepared to assist young researchers/entrepreneurs with their business development initiative. If you would like to offer a little of your time and experience to help young (junior) researchers/entrepreneurs gain their own one, send us your (contact) details using the form on the ‘Contact’ page. If your profile matches a project under development/… a project going through the incubation phase, we shall get in touch with you and ask you to provide us with your comprehensive resume/CV, in anticipation of arranging a meeting with the researcher(s)/entrepreneur(s).

N.B. Business mentoring is not intended to provide  young researchers/entrepreneurs with paid consulting expertise. The aim is rather to allow bidirectional exchanges between very experienced (senior) entrepreneurs and young (junior) researchers/entrepreneurs.