Optimizing bacterial strain design for increased protein production


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unfolded protein in inclusion body   deletions and overexpressions

Fig.1                                                      Fig.2



  • Genetic design
  • Bacterial chaperones
  • « Hard to produce » protein


Technology market

Protein Production Industry

Until now, no or very little efforts have been made regarding the genotype of the bacterial strain used for recombinant protein production concerning:

  • Deletion of proteases
  • Overexpression of chaperones
  • Modification of the exportation system
  • Vectors used for the overexpression
  • Removal of contamiants proteins
  • ...


The Collet Lab Expertise

  • Physiological comprehension of molecular processes and modifications of the bacterial genetic background
  • Production in the periplasm: Disulfide bridges formation, Glycoproteins, membrane proteins, …
  • Chaperones and repairs systems


The UCL collaboration offer

On demand optimization of already established strains (BL21,…):

  • by adding specific genetic features (chaperones, proteases, S-S formation proteins, ...) (Fig. 1)
  • through overexpression or deletion of dedicated genes to enhance recombinant protein production in the periplasm or the cytoplasm of bacteria (Fig. 2)

The lab offers a large panel of to increase the production of hard to produce proteins


Preferred partnership

Fee for service to compagnies in need to increase the protein yield  in E. coli


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