In vivo and in vitro expertise using magnetic resonance technologies


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  imaging mouse brain

In vivo imaging of mouse brain



  • MR Imaging
  • Metabolism
  • Micro-environment
  • Spectroscopy


Technology Market

The Nuclear & Electron Spin Technologies platform (NEST) accommodates cutting-edge magnetic resonance technologies (magnetic resonance imaging, electron paramagnetic resonance and nuclear magnetic resonance) dedicated to studies on biological samples, small animals and humans. These technologies may provide convenient biomarkers for monitoring (pato) physiological parameters and the response to pharmacological treatments.


The UCLouvain background 

Nuclear magnetic resonance

  • Metabolomics study on biological samples
  • Saturation transfer difference
  • 2D homonuclear and heteronuclear
  • HRMAS experiment on biopsies


Magnetic resonance imaging

  • In vivo anatomical structures with high spatial resolution
  • Metabolism (spectroscopy)
  • Cardiac and vascular imaging
  • Tissue perfusion
  • Diffusion measurement


Dynamic nuclear polarization

  • Study of metabolic fluxes using 13C-MRS as biomarker of response (in-vitro and in-vivo)
  • Use of  13C pyruvate and its metabolites as biomarker of metabolism and glycolysis
  • Use of 13C glutamine and its conversion into glutamate to study metabolic shifts
  • Use of hyperpolarized substrates for the stratification of tumors


Electron paramagnetic resonance

  • Free radicals characterization, redox status
  • Quantification of melanin / melanoma cells in tissues
  • Dosimetry
  • Tissue oxygenation, oxygen consumption (cells and mitochondria)
  • MRI contrast agent quantification


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