Pharmaceutical processes control


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Pharmaceutical process control   Pharmaceutical process control schema



  • On-line monitoring
  • Process performance analysis
  • Real-time follow-up
  • Real-time optimisation


Technology Market
The technology market to be addressed covers all the aspects of pharmaceutical processes including in particular crystallization and bioconversion.


The UCLouvain Background
The process control group has over 30 years experience in the modelling, monitoring and control of biological systems, in particular in the pharmaceutical industry with application related to animal cell culture or vaccine production but also related to crystallization. As a matter of example, metabolic engineering tools are considered to emphasize the key elementary fluxes within animal cells, while the control of vaccine
production has been achieved via a process control tool whose design takes advantage of the inherent behaviour of the underlying biological process.


The UCLouvain collaboration offer
The process control group proposes the development of:

  • Process performance analysis tools via the use of fully validated predictive process models
  • On-line monitoring adapted to provide a real-time follow-up of key process components that are not available for on-line measurement
  • Real-time optimisation of the plant and the different processes involved in the plant


Technology Status
TRL 5 : technology validation in relevant environment

Preferred partnership
Collaborative projects
Development of the technology


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