Electrodynamic bearings


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  • High efficiency  guidance
  • High spin speed
  • Low losses
  • Vacuum

Technology Market

Passive magnetic bearing for high-speed applications

Traditional bearings are a limiting factor to high-speed applications.  Nowadays, active magnetic bearings are available, but due to their price and their complexity, they remain a last resort solution.

The UCL invention

This invented bearing is a fully passive magnetic bearing, stable when spinning at room-temperature.  It gathers the benefits from active magnetic bearings, i.e. contactless operation, and the benefits from a passive device, which means a simpler, cheaper and intrinsically stable device.  The invention is based on the null-flux principle, which means there are no losses in nominal operation, when centered.


  • High-speed motors
  • Flywheel
  • Vacuum pumps

Main features

  • Contact free bearing
  • Easy-to-use and to implement
  • Reliable
  • Low losses and superior lifetime
  • No need for active control
  • No need for cryogenic cooling
  • Easy integration in permanent magnet motors

Technology status

TRL 2 Theoretical developments give us a complete toolbox to predict static and dynamic performances of the bearing. 

Shortly, a prototype showing the working principle will be operating.

IPR This work was the subject of a PCT patent application filed on the 13th of August, 2014 (PCT/EP2014/067306) and published on the 26th February, 2015 (WO2015/024830).

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