MultiBody Systems Modelling with Robotran


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  une simulation sur le produit

Left: Simulation of a BMW. Bottom: HIL vehicle simulator with haptic torque feed-back

Right: HIL vehicle simulator with haptic torque feed-back

  • Symbolic software
  • Numerical modelling
  • Multibody systems
  • Dynamic systems


Technology Context

Dynamic performances are become an important factor of the product specification. Multibody dynamics is thus more and more involved in industrial developments. However, this phase is often a difficult step for the industrial partner.


The UCLouvain background

Robotran is a symbolic software to model and analyse MultiBody Systems (MBS). It is a powerful tool to deal with both industrial and research applications, such as: robot manipulators, parallel actuators, human body, car suspensions, railway bogies, transmission mechanisms, machine tools, etc.

Robotran allows you to design your model in a user-friendly environment and to automatically generate symbolic equations of your systems in the desired programming language. The software also offers a simulation library for analysing your models.

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The UCLouvain collaboration offer

UCLouvain’s team may offer its expertise in the field of multibody modeling to propose an “optimal” methodology to answer the industrial problem in the context of a collaborative research.


Technology Status

TRL 9: Software fully operational.


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