Nodus 7.0 - Multimodal Freight Transport Network Modeling


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Nodus 7.0   Sample multimodal assignment

  • Network model
  • Freight transport
  • Modal choice/assignment
  • Transport policy


The UCL software

Nodus implements the "Virtual networks" methodology developed at UCL*, an alternative to the classical "four steps" technique to model multimodal and intermodal transport flows over networks, as it combines the "modal-choice" and "assignment" phases of the latter in a single step.


This methodology has already lead to numerous policy-oriented studies on large scale multi-modal freight transport networks, such as:


  • Regional freight transport planning
  • Cost benefit analysis for transport infrastructures
  • Optimal locations for intermodal terminals
  • Impact of climate change on inland waterways transport
  • Internalization of external costs and its potential impact on modal choice
  • Estimation of market areas of container hubs

* Jourquin B. and Beuthe M., Transportation Policy Analysis with a GIS: The virtual Network of Freight Transportation in Europe, Transportation Research C, Vol 4, pp. 359-371, n°6, 1996


Key figures

  • Compatible with GIS standards: shape files and web mapping.
  • Parallelized algorithms: able to handle very large networks.
  • Portable: Linux-Mac-Windows
  • Open API: available through scripting or plugin’s
  • JDBC: compatible with most DBMS’s. Shipped with HSQLDB. 
  • Flexible: user defined database fields, variables, cost functions, mode choice models…
  • And much more


Technology status

The software has a modern and integrated user friendly GUI. Source code is available on GitHub under the GPLv3 license.


Preferred partnership

Application project opportunities with a research company, consultant or start-up, including the development of specific plugin’s or scripts.

UCLouvain is willing to provide different license/partnership schemes for interested parties in order to increase the visibility and use of Nodus outside the academic world. 


Interested to develop, use or commercialize this software?

Please contact :

Sébastien ADAM
Technological Transfer Advisor 
010 47 24 43

Professor in Transport modelling 
and computer sciences