Calendrier LTTO 2017

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For the third edition of its calendar, the Louvain Technology Transfer Office (LTTO) presents six new knowledge transfer success stories.

Through the testimony of researchers and CEOs, you will discover the history of spin-off creation: it4ip, 3D-Side, SynAbs, SmartNodes and Skemmi and learn about the signing of a partnership agreement with DiaSorin.
All these examples illustrate the continuity of collaborative ventures with regional economic stakeholders.
At one time or another in the history of these success stories, the protagonists have used some best practices during research theme definition, project implementation, protection of intellectual property or development of a knowledge transfer strategy.

Some of them are put forward:
The patent as a source of information, Prior art searching in patent databases, Technology Readiness Level, Copyright protecting your original work, The Business Model Canvas and Choosing an appropriate license is part of an overall and thoughtful software strategy.
The aim of these background papers is not to be exhaustive, but to draw attention to some critical points related to knowledge transfer, raise questions and inspire curiosity about the protection of intellectual property.
Hopefully all these success stories and synthetic documents will inspire other ideas and activities!

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Découvrez les 6 "success stories"  illustrées dans ce calendrier


it4ip (Février)

Télécharger l'histoire d'it4ip

3D-Side (Avril)

Télécharger l'histoire de 3D-Side

Diaorin/IREC/CUSL (Juin)

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Spin-off it4ip

En savoir + sur it4ip


En savoir + sur 3D-Side


En savoir + sur IREC
En savoir + sur CUSL 
En savoir + sur DiaSorin


SynAbs (Août)

Télécharger l'histoire de SynAbs


SmartNodes (Octobre)

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Skemmi (Décembre)

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En savoir + sur SynAbs


En savoir + sur SmartNodes


En savoir + sur Skemmi



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